Cardiac Rehab

Our heart is our center. Our heart is life. 

When illness interrupts the steady beat of the heart, emotion can wash over you like a wave. Fear, anger, confusion, sadness. Heart patients experience it all. 

For example, when your cardiologist tells you to start walking for exercise, your response might be one of fear. Walk alone? With no one to watch me? What if something happens? With your diet, it might be confusion you feel.  What should I include in my diet? What should I exclude? How do I even begin? 

That is where cardiac rehabilitation comes in, and it just so happens that Muenster Memorial Hospital offers Phase II, or outpatient, cardiac rehabilitation through its rehabilitation center; and has since the summer of 2011. 

Specially trained cardiac rehab specialists work with patients three times a week, for 12J15 weeks, as prescribed by a physician. Patients exercise on treadmills, bicycles and other aerobic equipment to gain strength and improve endurance and breathing. Heart rate and rhythm are closely monitored throughout the workout. Sessions last approximately 1 hour and are typically scheduled in the early afternoon Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Sometimes rehabilitation means more than working with the body – it means regaining confidence too. 

“Our patients know we are there for them,” noted Karime Graves, MMH’s Director of Cardiac Rehab. “It gives them the confidence and security they need to push themselves to wellness.” 

Another important component of life after cardiac event is education. Patients are provided with information needed to make lifestyle changes and decrease the chance of future cardiac incidents. Information provided can include nutrition, stress reduction and information on medications. 

Conditions that qualify a patient for cardiac rehab include: heart attack, bypass surgery, heart valve replacement or repair, coronary stenting, transplant, stable angina and PCTA. Patients should check with their cardiologist to see if they might benefit from cardiac rehab. 

After patients graduate from the rehab program, they can move into a maintenance phase, where they continue to exercise in the center without a heart monitor; or the rehab team can design a program for use in the home. 
“Cardiac rehabilitation is another topJnotch service offered by Muenster Memorial Hospital to keep residents close to home for the care they need,” Karime added. “We work closely with physicians from all around the area. There is no reason to have to drive to Denton, Dallas or Sherman/Denison for this service.” 

Call 940-759-6198 for information or to initiate a physician contact. 

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