Wellness Center

We have a wellness center open 7 days a week to the public for a monthly membership fee. Included in your membership fee is a 50 minute orientation which includes blood pressure check, body measurements, and training on all gym equipment. We offer top of the line Cybex cardiovascular and strength training equipment.


Wellness Center Classes

All Wellness Center members have the option in enrolling in our exercise classes offered for an additional $25 per month. Contact the front desk of the wellness center to reserve your spot.


We currently are offering water aerobics.  Call us for scheduling and availability.


Call Us:  (940) 759-2271

Membership rates

$35-individual rate

$20-individual senior rate (over 60)

$49-family rate (includes spouse & children between 14-18 years)

$35-senior couple


There is a onetime registration fee of $50 for an individual membership and $75 for a family membership.

Hospital Phone Number 940-759-2271
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