For more information on Muenster Memorial Hospital’s extended care program, please contact Adelia Walterscheid at (940) 759-6191.

MMH offers the only long-­‐term, hospital-­‐based extended care facility in the county. 

Extended Care = Skilled Nursing Facility = Swing Bed 
When it comes to rehabilitation following surgery, incapacitating illness or injury, Muenster Memorial Hospital has a solid reputation for providing the care needed to get patients back on their feet and home safely. 
For over a decade, Muenster Memorial Hospital has provided extended inpatient care for patients who require additional attention following a hospital stay or surgery. The facility provides full therapy services to help patients regain strength and function in preparation for a return to normal activities. Other qualifying conditions include a need for IV medications following an acute care hospital stay, additional 
training or education (newly diagnosed diabetics), and 
post-­‐stroke or traumatic injury care and rehab. 

  • Palliative (or comfort) care for end-­‐of-­‐life patients, which focuses on pain and stress reduction, is also available, as is wound care. .
  • Services are reimbursable by Medicare and some other insurance.  Medicare assists for up to 
    100 days of care. Extended care (sometimes referred to as “swing bed”) can be utilized either short or long term. Patients may remain in extended care as long as there is a documented need for the level of care. 

Adelia Wilson is the program coordinator and works closely with case managers and discharge planners at surrounding hospitals to make them aware of the service and to screen for eligible patients.

“Our facility offers many advantages for area families,” she said. “Having a loved one close to home relieves so much stress for caregivers, and the fact that the patient is staying within a hospital facility, with 24-­‐hour medical monitoring, offers additional peace of mind.”

Muenster offers 18 rehab beds and a beautifully appointed rehabilitation center with state-­‐of-­‐ the-­‐art equipment, therapy pool and a functioning kitchen that allows patients to practice activities of daily living, such as cooking and laundry, before returning home.

“The therapy services provided to extended care patients cover the gamut, from physical and occupational therapy, including hand therapy, to speech,” noted Wilson.

“The goal of our physicians, nurses and therapists is to make the patient as whole as we can possibly make them. Sometimes the time allowed for a hospital stay is just not enough.”

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